About school
Name: Vilnius Martynas Mažvydas Pro-gymnasium

Address: Vydūno 17A, LT-06206 Vilnius

Telephone./Fax: +370 5 279 5579

The headmaster: Egle Laumeliene, Telephone: +3705795579, Email: egle.laumeliene@mmazvydas.lt

Vice-headmistress, managing international projects: Lina Navickaite, Email: lina.navickaite@mmazvydas.lt

Martynas Mažvydas School was opened in 1998 in an incomplete building. It was the first school in Lithuania built after regaining independence.

In 1992 the second school was started building in Pilaite area. It was planned to teach the students in the Russian language. Due to the lack of money the construction was interrupted for five years.

In 1998 in an incomplete building Martynas Mažvydas School was opened. It was the first school in Lithuania built after regaining its independence.

In the autumn of 1998 only a quarter of the school building was equipped but 500 primary school pupils, 24 teachers and administration:  the Headmaster Eugenijus Manelis, Vice Headmistresses Gražina Moisiejienė and Eglė Laumelienė started the school year.

The president of Lithuania Valdas Adamkus, the Mayor of Vilnius Rolandas Paksas, the Minister of Education Kornelijus Platelis, the member of Seimas Egidijus Bičkauskas, the Counsellor of Minister Darius Kuolys and other respectable guests participated in the opening ceremony.

In the school year 1999-2000 692 students studied here and 42 teachers taught them. 8 more classrooms were opened. Finally, in the year 2000 the whole school was equipped and the school stadium was built.

In 2000-2001 the number of  students  increased  up to 880 and they were taught by 51 teachers.

In 2000 the school library started working.

In 2001 Vilnius Teachers‘ House gave the Aleksandras Tarabilda‘s  oak sculpture ‘‘Knygnešys“ (Book-carrier). It reminds us about the times of Tsarist Russia and its oppression, when Lithuanian press in Latin graphics was prohibited.

In the school year 2001- 2002 there were 1079 students and 70 teachers. The school activity was presented in Vilnius Teachers‘ House. Students started wearing a school uniform.

The school year 2002 – 2003 was started by 1258 students and 73 teachers. The school community closely cooperates with Pilaite community: different community activities (rubbish collection) and celebrations (Pancakes Day, Christmas) are organised. A close relationship started between schools of the country with  the same Martynas Mazvydas name.

In 2003-2004 there were 1387 students and 88 teachers. Friendship with students from Sweden, Russia and Germany started.

The 1st September of 2005 was started  by  1580 students and 103 teachers . The first pupils who started education at this school had grown up to the 10th grade.

In 2007 the first school leavers left the school (75 students)

In 2008 the school commemorated its first decade. The 2nd group of graduates left the school (80 students).

In 2009 the third group of school leavers left the school – 65 school leavers.

In 2010 the fourth group: 103 school leavers left the school. The reorganisation of the school started: since September 9th and 11th forms have no longer been formed. Three fifth forms from Pilaite School joined the fifth formers at our school. Three forms of our first formers study on the premises of Pilaite Secondary School. Our eighth and tenth formers were admitted to the 9th and 11th forms of Pilaite Secondary School. Since 2010 special art programme has been started at our school: we took over one form of the fifth formers, which is continuing that special art programme. We and other 12 schools in Lithuania were the first to form the EMILE class, where students are taught French, which is integrated into some of the subjects too.

In 2011 the last fifth group of 74 school leavers finished the school. The eighth and tenth formers continued their education at Pilaite Secondary School. On 1st September the school changed its name. In the thirteenth year of its activity it became Vilnius Martynas Mazvydas Progymnasium. We started a new page of our history. We started teaching art purposefully in the second year. We continued teaching in EMILE classes.

In 2012 we established new traditions, the first group of 123 eighth formers left our school.

In 2013, at the moment there are 1340 students at our school. They are taught by 111 teachers, 5 of them are experts, 31 – methodologists, 54 – senior teachers and 21 – teachers. Four foreign languages are taught at our progymnasium: English which is the main language, and as the second foreign language students can choose from: French, Russian and German. There are already three EMILE classes. In six forms students are taught according to that (purposeful) special art programme.  At school we have a modern library – it is not just a learning centre but it is also a cultural centre. A lot of famous people visit the library. The contests and exhibitions are organised. The librarians actively participate in various projects. One of them is ‘Lithuania Minor‘(Mažoji Lietuva), the project of information abilities, which is organised by the Week of Libraries of Northern Countries. The project AKIM (impulses of high culture for schools) is being coordinated. There is a career centre at school, where students can get consultations about their future careers. Students are engaged in the activity of the Debate and Europe Clubs. There is the folk dance ensemble ‘Žilvitis‘, the contemporary dance group. Students willingly participate in the chorus ‘Šypsenėlė‘ (Smile) and the music studio ‘Retro‘. The project ‘Vilnius – My City‘ has been managed for ten years. Students become acquainted with famous places in Vilnius and visit them. Then students prepare presentations and share their impressions about the places of interests they have visited. Our school is an active member of Pilaite community. We willingly participate in various community events  ‘Autumn in Pilaite‘, ‘Fitness Festival‘, ‘Christmas in Pilaite‘, ‘Make the World Cleaner‘. Members of the chorus sing in the St Juozapas parish mass. We plant trees, take part in Kaziukas Fair and celebrate Pancakes Day together.

Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Let’s create projects together!
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